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Now celebrating our 16th year, Northcoast Conflict Solutions is about helping you acknowledge past hurts and determine how you can best move forward - whether through counseling, mediation or education and training.

Our licensed counselors encourage others to take effective action steps in forging a future peacefully, respectfully and confidently.

Conveniently located in Seven Hills near Cleveland, Ohio, we specialize in counseling, training and faith-based, elder, family and divorce mediation.


December 6 , 2012

(216) 236-6200

Celebrating 16 years of Service.

As of January 2, 2012, our office will be located at 8040 Corporate Circle in North Royalton, Ohio.  Northcoast Conflict Solutions retains its name, and we will office inside Royalton Psychological Associates.

Services:        Counseling:   Individual, couples, families, children over age 16

                     Mediation:    Cleveland divorce mediation, elder mediation, family mediation

                     Training:       Mediation classes on site


                               Have a question?  Call us at (216) 236-6200

                   Northcoast Conflict Solutions, 7819 Broadview Road, Suite 4, Cleveland, Ohio 44131

                                                   After January 1, 2013, new address is 8040 Corporate Circle, Suite 4,

                                                                                                              North Royalton, Ohio, 44133



Member of the National Mediation Training Registry

Member of the Mediation Association of Northeast Ohio

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Northcoast Conflict Solutions offers a wide range of mediation, counseling and training services, including Christian, elder, family, and divorce mediation. Founded in 1996, the mediation, counseling, facilitation and training practice in Seven Hills near Cleveland Ohio has mediators, psychologists, counselors, attorneys, and affiliates. Their diverse backgrounds include business, law, education, school safety, anti-bullying, behavioral health, organization development, ministry, and human resources.

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